Join a group lesson, take a private lesson, or work towards better balance with a lunging session

Notes for booking lessons, hacks and activity days:-

·  Children: 17 years and under

·  Block bookings give good discounts advance payment required:  Book 4 lessons gives you a 10% discount available on all lessons and book 10 group lessons for a 20% discount taken in a 6 month period.

·   All riders must be assessed in the school before going on hacks and it is at the instructor’s discretion to keep the rider in the school until he or she is deemed capable enough for hacking (able to control the horse or pony at walk and trot off lead rein).  It is also at the instructor's discretion as to the speed of the hack based on the capability the instructor thinks the rider has.

·  Hat hire if required is inclusive

·  Cancellations must be communicated to us with at least 24 hour notice for a refund/re booking.

Activity days for children over 6 years old include stable management, riding, hacking (private woodlands), fun and games and breaks with biscuits, squash or water.

Activity days are offered over the school holidays and at half term starting at 10am and finishing at 4pm. The cost is £80 per child per day or £40 for 1/2 day.  Please bring a drink, snacks and packed lunch if here for a full day and dress according to the weather.  Please register online and you will be able to view our availability under Activity courses and book.

Lesson/hacks: Private - semi private (suits a family / group of friends 2-3) reduction of £5 per person


Session type

Cost inclusive of VAT

20 minute lead rein lesson

30 mins private lesson

45 min private lesson senior instructor on schoolmaster

P45 mins private lesson and/or hack

60 min private hack (fields/tracks)

90 min private hack (fields/tracks)

2 hour private hack (visit to ancient wood)

£26.40 child only

£39.60 adult / £33 child

£80  (£70 own horse)

£59.40 adult / £46.20 child

£66 adult / £52.80 child

£79.20 adult /£66 child

£92.40 adult / £79.20 child

 Lesson/hacks: Group

Session type

Cost inclusive of VAT

20 minute lead rein lesson

45 min shared lesson or hack

60 min shared hack

90 min shared hack

2 hour shared hack

£26.40 child only

£39.60 adult / £33 child

£46.20 adult/ £39.60 child

£59.40 adult/£54 child

£72.24 adult/ £66 child


Session type

Cost inclusive of VAT

Barn hire (with catering facilities)

Indoor hire

Outdoor hire

Parties: riding, stable mgmt/pony pampering

Loan of riding school ponies/horses

Working livery

Supervision of child

Trailer hire

Taking pony for the day

Pony hire up to 45 mins/1 hour

Activity days


£20 per hour or part

£24ph/£18 ½ hour

£14.40ph/£7.20 ½ hour

£31.80 for the 1st 5 children then £18 pp thereafter

£170 for half loan, £336 for full loan per calendar month

£330 per calendar month

£7.50 per hour for 1 or 2 children

£36 per day or part day

£50 for the day at weekends, £30 weekdays


£80 for full day 10-4 or £40 for half days 10am-12:30pm or 1.30pm-4pm